Who We Are


Bond Street Wines does not view wine as "juice in a bottle," but rather as a work of tradition that brings people together for special occasions and provides everyday enjoyment at all levels of sophistication. Wine often strikes a deep chord of emotion, from the sensation of flavors to the people behind it. At Bond Street Wines, it is this message of passion and authenticity that we offer to discerning clients. We provide access to leading boutique wineries from across the world and deliver value to our customers (consumers only) by coupling our excellent product quality and customer service with fair pricing.

Bond Street Wines was launched in 2005 and partnered with a European based firm, to join as global sourcing partner. This firm facilitated relationships with top growers in France, Italy, Spain, and the New World. With their help, Bond Street Wines now has a direct relationship with our portfolio producers, a key and proud distinction from other U.S. wine retailers. We are a single intermediary between the storied producer and the consumer.

At present, Bond Street representatives serve to maintain close contact with clients, desiring a "high touch and consultative" relationship. For those interested in our portfolio wines, but prefer to simply browse, many of our wines are available here through our online store. If we can be of any assistance, please call us at (704) 521-1353, or simply click here to email your questions.

Beyond offering access to small and limited production wineries, Bond Street Wines strives to foster a greater enjoyment of wines through tasting events, our comprehensive website content featuring in-depth interviews with portfolio producers and original vineyard recipes, newsletters, and soon to be announced travel opportunities.

Bond Street Wines

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